Sydney D.

I am very glad I went here. Last Sunday my baby ferret was having severe sneezing attacks that would last for minutes. I knew I couldn’t wait for the regular vet to open the next day. I called several emergency vets in the Hampton/Newport News area and none of them would accept ferrets. Thankfully I called this place and they said to bring her in and they would care for her. I didn’t mind driving across the bridge just to make sure my baby was okay. We got there and were seen pretty fast and they took her away to get her vitals. After that the wait was pretty long, but only because they had several emergencies so I was totally fine with waiting. They gave her some liquid antibiotics since she had an upper respiratory infection and they called a few days later to check on her, which was awesome! My baby is doing much better now and will definitely be returning to this place next emergency I have.