Emergency Case Study: Rocky’s Road to Recovery

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By Chelsea Whitfield, LVT Sometimes, when pets need emergency care, the road to recovery can be a bit rocky. That was the case for a 1-year-old Pomeranian named Rocky, who arrived at The COVE’s Emergency Department in very rough shape. His owners didn’t know exactly what had happened, but because of the extent and nature…

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Sampson’s Story: A Tail of Collaborative Care


By Danielle Martin, LVT, VTS (Dentistry) Sampson Creekmore is an 11-year-old cat whose story provides a perfect example of how team members from different veterinary specialties can work together to provide complete health care for furry family members. Here at The COVE, members of our cardiology and dentistry teams often collaborate on patient care. While…

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Meet the Small But Mighty Clyde

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By Lilybeth Santiago, LVT When puppies face orthopedic (bone) surgery, there’s often an added challenge – their treatments need to grow with them! French Bulldog puppy Clyde was only 5 months old when he came to The COVE’s 24-hour emergency room with left rear limb lameness. To determine what was causing it, our team took…

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Caring from the Heart – The Story of Orange and Our Dentistry Department

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As an emergency and specialty veterinary hospital, our primary purpose is to deliver advanced care for pets and their families whenever it is needed. A sweet 11-year-old cat named Orange is one of those pets. Orange was brought to The COVE’s emergency department when her owner noticed that she had stopped eating and was chronically…

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