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Pet Euthanasia in Suffolk, VA

When a beloved pet has reached the end of their life, we owe it to them to make their passing as stress-free as possible. At The COVE, our team recognizes the importance of making pet euthanasia a peaceful process for everyone involved. We also strive to make visits of this nature much easier for pet owners, who are likely experiencing many conflicting emotions. Our goal is to make you and your family feel more comfortable about your decision and know you did the best thing for your pet.

If your pet has a primary care veterinarian, we recommend contacting them first, as your pet may feel more comfortable with someone they know. However, if your primary care vet is unavailable for the time being, please call us at (757) 935-9111.

Knowing When It’s Time

Dogs and cats express their discomfort differently from humans, so it is not always easy to recognize how much their condition has deteriorated. We typically ask pet owners to consider the following criteria to develop a clearer picture of how well (or not well) their pet is doing, so they are able to make appropriate decisions going forward about their care.

If your pet is showing/doing most or all of these things, it may be time to discuss their end-of-life care:

  • No interest in eating or drinking
  • Continued weight loss
  • Sleeping far more often than usual
  • No interest in socializing
  • Unable to stand or walk
  • Vomiting frequently, can’t keep anything down
  • Having frequent accidents in the house or outside the litter box
  • Crying/vocalizing when touched, handled, or when not handled

In-Home Euthanasia

The COVE recommends in-home euthanasia as a less-stressful alternative for pets and pet owners. We do not have doctors who can provide this service, but we can refer you to trusted experts who can. They include:

Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice

Lap of Love