Patient Referral Form for Veterinarians

At The COVE, we value our collaboration with primary care veterinarians. Our role is to serve as an extension of your practice by offering our veterinary specialty expertise 24/7 to augment the ongoing primary care services you offer. This collaborative approach has made The COVE the preferred provider for veterinary specialty, emergency, and critical care services.


Refer a Patient

If Your Pet is Unstable Upon Arrival

Referring a patient to The COVE is easy. Simply fill out our online form provided below, or call (757) 935-9111 to arrange a patient referral directly. Please call us at any time if you have questions!

We accept referrals 24/7/365. Patients will only be treated for the condition for which they are referred. Should other health issues be identified, we’ll notify you so that an appropriate treatment plan can be arranged.

Complete the form provided to refer a patient to The COVE.