Top 5 Tips to (Hopefully) Keep Your Pet Out of the ER

Top 5 Tips to (Hopefully) Keep Your Pet Out of the ER Every pet emergency is unique, but after years of serving our community, we have noticed some common injuries and illnesses that may have been preventable – especially during the holiday season. So, we thought we’d share our top 5 tips to keep your…

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The Importance of Counting Respiratory Rates in Cardiac Pet Patients

Respiratory Rates

In many patients with heart disease, the number one thing that pet parents can monitor at home is resting respiratory (breathing) rates. An increase in resting respiratory rates will be one of the first signs that major changes in the heart are occurring. The most common disease that we see that comes with a higher…

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Too Much of a Good Thing: The Impact of Obesity on Pet Health

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You’re not alone if you open a can of tuna for lunch with a cat curling around your legs or spend dinnertime with your dogs staring expectantly up at you. It can seem impossible to resist those adoring eyes and give in by sharing a mouthful or two (or three). However, showering your pets with…

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Limping in Dogs & Cats: When Is It an Emergency?


Your dog has been happily running and playing outside and suddenly appears at the door holding up her leg and whimpering. Or, your cat walks with a hop every so often as he strolls across the living room toward his favorite sunny spot. In either scenario and so many others, pet owners often wonder if…

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Ready and Steady: Disaster Preparedness for Pets

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Record-breaking rainfall, tropical storms, hurricanes, and flooding have been on everyone’s minds lately. Every time you read the news, there seems to be a new disaster affecting one or more parts of the country. As you may have learned from Scouts or a first aid course, being prepared is your best line of defense in…

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Collaborative Care at The COVE: Dice’s Urethral Prolapse

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The decision to spay or neuter a pet is one every family must make for themselves. But for one dog named Dice, neutering turned out to be part of the treatment he needed to help avoid an unusual injury. One Friday night, Dice came to The COVE’s ER because he was bleeding from his penis.…

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