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24/7 Emergency Vet & Critical Care in Suffolk, VA

Our emergency vets in Suffolk, VA are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year to care for your pet if the unexpected occurs. We do recommend that if your pet needs emergency services during regular business hours, to contact your primary care veterinarian first. If your pet needs emergency care after hours or your veterinarian has referred you to us, no appointment or referral is necessary for them to receive treatment at our facility.

If possible, we ask that you call our hospital in advance so our team can prepare for your arrival and assist you in bringing your pet inside.

Our Emergency Vet & Critical Care Services for Dogs and Cats

The COVE is fully equipped to handle the most urgent illnesses and traumatic injuries with skill, understanding, and efficiency. With our highly trained and experienced emergency vet team, we stand ready to provide world-class care at any time of day.

Our emergency vet services include:

  • Intensive care (ICU) hospitalization with overnight/around-the-clock monitoring of your pet
  • Emergency surgery
  • On-site diagnostic capabilities including laboratory testing, ultrasound, radiology, and electrocardiography (ECG)
  • Advanced respiratory treatment
  • Life-saving blood transfusions and blood products
  • Nutritional support
  • Comprehensive and personalized pain management

Call us immediately if your pet is having an emergency or you suspect an emergency.

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Our Emergency Vets Work in Partnership with Your Primary Care Vet

The veterinarians of The COVE will always communicate with your pet’s primary care veterinarian to ensure continuity of care and appropriate follow-up treatment. We strive to support area general practices to the best of our ability so they can do more to help their patients.