Buddy is a Kitty. When he was young and a very responsible kitty he made an appointment with the Snip Van to have himself neutered. When he returned home and was in the healing process, he found that one of his incisions was itching. He neglected to tell me, his mommy and proceeded to secretly lick and bite at the stitches until the were removed and then tear off the skin. This resulted in swelling and infection which Mommy did notice . . . . on a holiday weekend. So off to The Cove Mommy, Daddy and Buddy went. Lots and lots of wayward and sick pets went also. Buddy was taken to the dark recesses of the secret rooms in the back while we waited out in the front with the other parents. A few big dogs came in with Copper Head snake bites so they had to go ahead of naughty little Buddy. Several more serious cases had to be taken before errant Little Buddy. After all, it was a holiday weekend and no other vets were open in what seemed like a 50-mile radius. (I probably exaggerate on this). We made several new friends, ate our dinner and after seven hours our Buddy was released into our care once again. He was well taken care of, loved and spoiled rotten by those dear angels at the Cove. And much to our surprise, the bill was much less than we had anticipated. We LOVE The Cove! And our time in the waiting room was entertaining.