Rachel Griffin

Rachel obtained her AS in veterinary technology from Blue Ridge Community College in May 2008, and became a Licensed Veterinary Technician in VA shortly thereafter. Rachel quickly advanced her knowledge and skills in the practice setting, and began doing relief work at an emergency hospital. After 2 years, she transitioned to surgical specialty medicine. It was during her time as a surgical technician that anesthesia sparked her interest, and that has remained her career-long passion.

For the last 10 years, Rachel has focused on expanding and honing her anesthesia/analgesia knowledge and skills in specialty practice (ophthalmology, surgery and dentistry), and has been an honored member of Team COVE since early 2012. During her time here, Rachel has conducted many Lunch & Learn presentations to share her knowledge with team members at local primary care veterinary practices. She also was a speaker at Seaside CE Series 2018 and at Blue Ridge Community College Technician’s Conference in 2018. When Rachel isn’t working, she enjoys time at the beach, traveling with her husband and spending time with her beloved dogs, Todd, Maggie and Buddy.