We took our Princess here

We took our Princess here on 10/17/2022. Baby girl was 17 years old and so sick. While we saw the decline, the final stage happened over a matter of days. I was informed additional tests would be another $800 or 850. We decided to bring our baby girl home to die. But in that time (3 to 4 hours) she had deteriorated more. My decision to bring her back home to die was selfish. We returned to the Cove a few hours later to have her put to sleep. It was heartbreaking for us but the doctors and technicians were so kind to our sweet Princess. We held Princess through the process. One medication to put her to sleep one to stop her heart. It was so peaceful. I am so happy we made a decision to bring her to the Cove. Miss our sweet girl everyday but so thankful for their kindness and sincere care of our girl and of us! The photo is from probably 18 months ago. My beautiful girl.