Stephanie Facenda

A while back I brought one of my Catch and Release cats to your establishment for treatment…..massive teeth removal!!!!! I really did not think she was going to live….she had lost so much weight and was lethargic….Dr. Fox and her team turned that babies life completely around!!!!!!…Today ..Orange is in excellent health and probably will have to go on a diet one day. I just want everyone to know how much I appreciate all the wonderful care that was given to her….and the kindness that was given to me….I would come sometimes at 3 am to pick up meds…and everyone knew me!!!! So I want to mention a few names and I hope I didn’t miss anyone…Dr Fox, Megan, Kelly, Kelsie, and Heather…..and anyone else I had the honor to meet!!!! Thank you so very much for kindness and professionalism and most of all the “caring from the heart” while helping one of mine….God bless all of you for choosing the profession you are in!!!!! I cannot thank you enough…(that’s from Orange)