Jaime S.

My cat Boomer was referred to The COVE because he needed teeth removed but did not do well under anesthesia with his primary veterinarian due to heart issues. We had our first appointment this week and it was amazing! Boomer needed to see Dr. Small and Dr. Fox and we were able to get back to back appointments to make the visit easier on Boomer, which I greatly appreciated. There was not a long wait time when we got there and checked in. The thing that impressed me the most was the knowledge that the veterinarians give to their vet technicians – you can tell the veterinarians enjoy teaching them and are confident in their skills. Once I learned from our primary veterinarian that Boomer has heart disease I was constantly Googling and working myself up over his health, but after talking to Dr. Small I feel so much more relaxed about Boomer’s condition. Both Dr. Small and Dr. Fox made me feel very confident that Boomer can safely undergo anesthesia to get his teeth removed. I would definitely recommend The COVE and look forward to Boomer’s upcoming appointment so he can feel better! Thank you!