Courtney and Peter Whitford

We LOVE The Cove! I use them for both cardiology and emergency services. My dog Mariska that sees Dr. Small, our favorite board-certified cardiologist, has a tendency to be aggressive when visiting the vet. Dr. Small and her staff have gone out of their way to make visits less stressful for my boxer. I am very over-protective of my dogs, and I trust Dr. Small with them completely. She has treated 2 of my boxers for different heart conditions and is my go-to doctor for many questions. She always has the best interest of the animal at heart, and trust me when I tell you she will honestly lose sleep over your pet.

I have also used The Cove for emergency services more than once. Dr. Mueller went out of her way to help my anxious, aggressive boxer feel more comfortable.  My chocolate lab was also seen at The Cove towards the end of her life. It was Dr. Mueller that was finally able to provide a diagnosis for my suffering girl.

I highly recommend The Cove if your pet is in need of cardiac or emergency care. We love them!