Chris Picano

I only have good things to say. Your place looks really good, and very clean inside…honestly, I think it’s the nicest veterinary office I’ve ever been to. I thought the staff was great, at least the ones I met. Kelsey and Danielle were both friendly and seemed very knowledgeable, and took the time to answer all our ridiculous questions. Link went to Kelsey for protection during his exam so I think he has a new girlfriend. I was really impressed with Dr. Fox, she was very nice and patient with us, and laid out a plan for Link that was very clear and concise. Maybe it sounds dumb, but I love this cat more than anything. We had a bad experience with our last cat, the last time he was under anesthesia for dental work. I’m just really scared for Link to go through the surgery, and I know there’s no guarantees and sometimes things happen you can’t control and aren’t your fault, but Dr. Fox made me feel he’s pretty safe with you guys and in good hands. I know you will take care of him the best that you can, and I really couldn’t ask for more. Whatever happens, you made me feel much more comfortable than I did – like we’ve got him at the best place, with the most qualified people.

I don’t really care about the money. I researched your place before we came and read any reviews I could find. Some of the few complaints were about the expense. I expect medical treatment, especially at an emergency clinic, to be somewhat expensive unless your pet has health insurance. The exact same treatment for a human with no insurance would cost a lot more. I know it’s tough living paycheck to paycheck, but if I couldn’t afford this for him I would try to beg and borrow from my family, I would take out a loan, open a credit card, refinance my house…anything short of stealing. I would exhaust every option I could think of and then find a way to make it work by sacrificing something else. I don’t think what you charge or asking for the deposit up front is unreasonable. Anyway, sorry for writing you a novel. Without even having the procedure done yet, I can say that I think you run a good practice and I’m very grateful that you are here. I can’t thank you enough.