There is a peace of mind that comes from being covered by health insurance. Not only because we’ll receive necessary medical attention during an illness or injury, but also because health insurance takes on much of the financial burden when it comes to paying medical bills. Most of us wouldn’t think twice about making sure some type of health insurance covers our human family members.  But what about our pets?

Over the years pets have transitioned from sleeping outside to sleeping in the bed with us. Pets are now cherished family members and we treat them more like our own kids. Pet owners in the United States are spending more and more on their pets including on food, grooming, toys, and, yes, even Halloween costumes. And yet, while the pet industry continues to grow, only a small portion of pet parents spend money on pet health insurance. Most of us know annual checkups for our pets are important, but what if your pet needs a complicated surgery or procedure from a specialist? Are you prepared for an emergency injury or illness? Are you investing in your pet’s future health with regular visits to your primary care veterinarian?

The monthly costs of pet insurance are not nearly as expensive as human healthcare insurance and sometimes can be cheaper than your daily coffee budget. And, most importantly, annual pet insurance premiums can be even less than one emergency room visit or procedure. A monthly premium can range from as low as $10 to higher than $100, though most pet owners can expect to pay between $30 and $50 per month for a plan with decent coverage. That’s just around $1 per day each month!

Here are the 3 top reasons to invest in pet health insurance:

1. Emergency preparedness = Peace of mind

Just as in human health, pet insurance ensures that our furry friend will be covered – or mostly covered when they most need it. All too often, pet owners without pet insurance hold off visiting the veterinarian unless they see a serious warning sign – and that’s when things get expensive. Routine exams and care will keep your pet healthier and also help keep healthcare costs down.

While clinics like Banfield and others offer wellness checks and free exams with their subscription plan, emergencies are not covered.

When your pet has an emergency or is diagnosed with a severe illness, financial worries can compound an already stressful situation. Pet insurance can ease some of the financial pressure. Most insurance plans pay up to 80–90% after deductible, significantly reducing the cost to your family and the strain on your wallet.

2. Never have to choose between your pet’s health and your budget

Emergency services are expensive. Advanced care is costly too. However, most insurance programs cover not only the cost of wellness visits, but also emergency and advanced care, including diagnostics, surgery, and recovery.

Pet insurance assures you that many or even most unexpected bills will be covered. Importantly, if your dog’s or cat’s advanced care is taken care of, you won’t have to choose between your family’s budget and your pet’s health—a decision we know that many pet owners, unfortunately, have to make.

3. The COVE accepts pet insurance, and so do most veterinary clinics

At The COVE, we accept all pet insurance plans, including Figo, Embrace, and direct-pay plans like Trupanion. We are happy to submit claims on behalf of clients who have pet health insurance, or we can provide information for clients who need to submit claims for reimbursement.

Bottom line: Insured pets receive more veterinary care, which can contribute to our four-legged friends living longer, healthier lives. That’s why an essential part of our service is to educate our clients about the value of pet insurance and how to choose the right plan.

Things to consider when choosing a pet insurance provider and plan

  1. Are you able to choose your preferred veterinarian, specialist, and/or emergency facility?
  2. Does your pet have a pre-existing condition? (But a pre-existing condition shouldn’t affect your decision since your pet can still be covered for other health issues or emergencies)
  3. Is your pet’s breed prone to a specific condition or illness?
  4. Are you able to customize your deductible and reimbursement level?
  5. Does the pet insurer offer additional coverage options like annual wellness checkups?
  6. Does the pet insurer offer multiple pet discounts?
  7. How old is your pet?
  8. Do you understand the provider’s claims/reimbursement process?

With many choices available, it’s smart to shop around. Don’t just look at one or two features, though! Take a comprehensive look when comparing. Click here to learn more about and compare pet insurance plans.

Additional payment options

What happens if you don’t have pet insurance, but your dog or cat experiences an emergency and needs urgent medical attention that is above your budget? Don’t worry. You can still have your pet’s cost of care covered through financing and other payment options. The COVE accepts all major credit cards, cash, local checks, and CareCredit, a credit card exclusively for healthcare expenses, or ScratchPay, a low-cost financing plan only for pet healthcare (the latter are subject to credit approval).

Let’s give our furry family members the best care possible!

We understand yourpet is an integral part of your family.With the advances in veterinary medicine and the higher cost of care, pet insurance will help you give your furry family members the best medical care possible while controlling costs. 

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