A licensed veterinary technician at The COVE shares the value of enrolling her rescue kitty in a Trupanion insurance plan.

We first discovered Gus, a sweet little kitten, in a bush outside a gas station just days before an impending hurricane and immediately welcomed him into our family. Gus appeared perfectly healthy, so when we took him to our primary care veterinarian for a checkup, we were surprised to discover he had ringworm. Unfortunately for poor Gus, a routine treatment of lime sulphur dip caused an unusual reaction. The little kitten’s hair fell out, and his skin became severely ulcerated, requiring a trip to a veterinary dermatologist, who was able to treat him. After this experience, we decided that the best way to prepare for unexpected veterinary care for our new family member was to enroll him in pet insurance. We wanted the freedom to make medical decisions for Gus based on the best course of treatment and not the impact on our bank account.

Gus, recovering after treatment.

A comparison of pet insurance offerings led us to decide that Trupanion—a direct pay plan (to the hospital)—was the best fit. The decision to enroll Gus would pay off surprisingly quickly when just a few short months later he stopped eating. A diagnosis of painful Juvenile Stomatitis meant he needed to have all of his teeth removed. Trupanion pre-approved the procedure and covered 90% of the bill. Our family is grateful Trupanion allowed us to give Gus the treatment he needed so he can live his best life!

– Jessica, LVT

Gus, now happy and healthy with his fur-siblings.

The COVE Proudly Accepts Pet Insurance

When your pet has an emergency or is diagnosed with a severe illness, financial worries can often compound an already stressful situation. Pet insurance can help ease some of the financial pressure. Most insurance plans pay up to 80–90% after deductible, significantly reducing the cost to your family and the strain on your wallet.

At The COVE, we accept all pet insurance plans, including Figo, Embrace, and direct pay plans like Trupanion. We are happy to submit claims on behalf of clients who have pet health insurance, or we can provide information for clients who need to submit claims for reimbursement.

Give yourself peace of mind that unexpected bills will be covered and the knowledge that you can focus on caring for your pet without worrying about the cost. Click here for more information on pet insurance and details on other forms of payment The COVE accepts.

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If your pet needs urgent medical attention, you can trust the care of our emergency department, led by a board-certified specialist in emergency and critical care. The COVE is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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