Arno is a beautiful one-year-old Belgian Malinois who unfortunately suffered from a broken tooth on his right mandible (jaw). His family is still unsure to this day, how this sweet and energetic pup suffered such an injury. Fortunately, he was referred to The COVE’s dentistry department by his primary care veterinarian, Dr. Katie Noce at Mt. Pleasant Veterinary Clinic.

Our dentistry department is led by Colleen Fox, DVM, CSAVP Dentistry and Oral Surgery, who has advanced training in veterinary dentistry, and using state-of-the-art technology to diagnose and treat a wide range of dental issues.

After a physical exam and dental radiographs (x-rays), Dr. Fox diagnosed Arno with a complicated crown fracture of tooth (404). Root canals are often recommended for a dog with a broken tooth. However, since Arno is a puppy and his teeth are still growing, Dr. Fox performed vital pulp therapy, to help preserve the function and allows the tooth to fully develop and mature.

Dr. Fox removed about 5-7 millimeters of the infected nerve and laid down a material within the tooth which stimulates the tooth to form a dentin bridge. This acts like the tooth’s own Band-Aid. The dentin bridge will allow the tooth to continue to mature, which will give him a stronger tooth later in life. And Arno will definitely need strong teeth as he potentially trains to be a working dog.

Arno resting comfortably after his dental surgery.
Arno resting comfortably after his dental surgery.

The COVE’s dentistry team is proud to report that Arno did wonderfully during his procedure and continues to do well today. We expect to see Arno in about six months for repeat radiographs to ensure the tooth is maturing like it should. Plus, our team already misses his sweet face!

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Dr. Fox is dedicated to educating pet owners about the importance of good oral health in a compassionate and calm manner. She accepts patients via referral from primary care veterinarians. Please call 757.935.9111 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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