Compassionate Care

My 7 month old Pomeranian suffered from an ulna fracture. We were recommended to the Cove from another vet’s office after his injury. I was a complete mess when I got the news my boy would have to have surgery to repair his injury. The staff here did an amazing job with answering all my questions and reassured me he was in good hands. Dr Stallings was kind, patient, and knowledgeable. My dog is my best friend and I was so pleased with how the staff understood my feelings throughout the process. We were allowed to visit him post op and given lots of information on how to properly care for him for the weeks to come. I am very thankful for all staff members who cared for my “son.” I will forever be grateful for the work they do to provide for our family members. I am glad Scar had a team who takes pride in caring for our pets just like we would at home. THANK YOU COVE!