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Care, Comfort, and Compassion - Chronicled

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"My cat Blu had a urinary tract blockage and the cost was a lot higher than my husband and I were prepared for. We had decided to put him down but the staff worked with us on an option closer to what we could afford and Blu is back to his normal self. The staff were sensitive to what we were feeling when we thought that we had to put him down and throughout our entire visit they were very helpful. They even called to check up on him and make sure he's still doing ok. I will forever be grateful."

— Brittany Garrett



"The staff at The Cove took great care of Becky. I want to thank all the Doctors and Staff who took care of her. Thank you for being there at all hours for our fur babies!"

— Corinne Forzano




"We want to thank the doctor and staff that treated our Marley who ingested a mothball from somewhere??? We were offered two plans of treatment for him which gave us a choice. They are so compassionate and friendly. I love the fact that we have a choice when we are in need of ER services. Most of all I love the fact that they are so close to our house. Thank you again everyone that helped us that night. Even the other patients in the waiting room were so friendly."

Janice Sandefur



"While we did not make it in time to save my baby, we are eternally grateful for the wonderful staff that showed us nothing but compassion and empathy for our loss. She was not just a "pet", she was my friend. We will miss her greatly."

Trina Pascal



"Thanks to everyone at the Cove and Dr. Stallings for taking such wonderful care of my pug Joey. He is doing great thanks to all of you. We are truly blessed to have such a fantastic team in Hampton Roads."

Cathleen Codling




"Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU! 17 weeks and 2 surgeries later ROXY is happy to return freely to her sunny spot on our deck! We will forever be grateful to Dr. Stallings and the entire staff who compassionately loved ROXY when she was under their care. Hats off to you!"

Lisa Wegener-Hicks



"I love everyone at The Cove and Thorin O Brooks will see you tomorrow for some dental diagnostics." :)

Janice Brooks



"You guys were great!"

— Jose Cartagena





"Thank you Dr. Small and staff for the amazing recovery, lots of love and the VIP attention you gave Neo. He is doing very well."

Carmen Holt





"Mackenzie is doing great at home! Thanks again to everyone at the COVE for saving his life."

Jennifer Cochran, DVM