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Care, Comfort, and Compassion - Chronicled

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"The staff at The COVE are AMAZING! They were very friendly and explained EVERYTHING. Words don't express the expertise from the dr who calmed my thoughts and worked out a plan for my dog so he can have a good quality of life for the remainder of it.

Thank you,too, to a very special person who made it possible for my Rocky to see the cardiologist. I'm forever in your debt and overwhelmed with your gracious donation for testing and evaluation of him."

— Darlene Trudeau



"For emergency pet care, I highly recommend The COVE. They greeted me at the reception desk, immediately took my dog, Sandy back and began emergency care. During the 48 hours Sandy was with them, I was kept informed on her status, and the care she was receiving via phone calls. I was encouraged to call, no matter what the hour, if I wanted to check on her. The COVE provides compassion, care, and professionalism."

— Beverly Judkins



"The COVE was the absolute best vet experience I have ever received. They kept my 10-month-old lab puppy in the hospital for 3 days. During this time, they always kept me informed on her status and let me know results and progress along the way. Following her discharge, they have remained in contact to check up on her. The staff was very helpful and always so loving towards my girl. Highly recommend this facility."

— Courtney



"First of all I just can't thank you enough! I know without a doubt in my mind that without The COVE and their staff, Harmony would not be here right now. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. All the nurses put up with me coming to feed her all hours of the night once we finally got her eating food when she was in ICU. No one ever rushed me and always answered any questions. Honestly the whole time she was there was like a blur because it's so emotional thinking you are about to lose your baby. So the staff being so welcoming and informative really eased my mind. I knew when I couldn't be there with her that she was recieving the best care possible. Harmony is still improving and almost back to her old self. Thank you so much and everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving!"

— Sara W.



"Everyone from the front desk and back was friendly and sympathetic to our concers. Someone came right out for Whirlie and Dr. Small examined him and explained everything to us. I will be returning once he feels better since Dr. Small detected a heart murmur and gallop in hid heart. I'm very grateful she heard it so I can make sure my boy stays as healthy as possible."

— Anita C.



"Nice nice people - very compassionate. I'm a home health therapist and had to work one weeknd so they kept Louie the Cat. They worked around my schedule to pick him up although they were slammed that day. Really nice staff. Can't say enough great things about them. I spent the worst day of my life there a couple of years ago because I had to put my 19 yr old cat down. It was hard to go back but knew it was the best place to bring Louie to get the excellent care he required. Thanks"

— Kathleen M.



"Took my dog here to receive emergency care. They were a little busy, but I had called ahead to inform them we were coming. My dog was seen immediately once arriving. The care was affordable, and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable, especially Michelle at the front desk. I peeked my head out for a second to speak with Michelle and noticed that the waiting room was empty! I thought to myself "man they move fast around here!" I was impressed. The Dr. and medical staff were quick and efficient, and worked to provide an excellent care package for what I could afford. I highly recommend this place for emergency care of your pets."

— Tarron W.



"The COVE staff has been nothing but incredibly sweet and caring for my baby. They make coming in for his visits and prescription refills a comfortable experience. A couple of the ladies are so sweet. They know my cat, Book's name, and they light up and ask how he's doing whenever I have to call. I haven't been able to tell them how much that means to us! I live out in Virginia Beach now and have no problem making the drive because I know that we're being well taken care of by The COVE. You guys are amazing and make me wish I could become involved in the veterinarian profession. Thank you!! :)"

— Mandy K.



"I love the staff and vets at The COVE. They have cared for my 17-year-old cat for many years. The staff treat my cat like family, even calling to check on her from time to time. Over the years, my cat has had surgeries here, been hospitalized here, and regularly visits her heart specialist here. When I was out of the country, my cat became very ill and The COVE hospitalized her and took amazing care of her. I'm typing this from The COVE this morning after my cat needed to be seen for an emergency. I can't say enough wonderful things about the people here and the care given to my cat."

— Angela Tumwa



"We always receive exceptional care at The COVE. Staff are always courteous and caring. In particular, Jenny knows us by name and always has our paperwork waiting for us when we come in to expedite the check-in process. The staff are really personable and remember my dogs, which puts me at ease. I recommend The COVE to all my friends for specialist services and emergency care."

— Erika F.