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Care, Comfort, and Compassion - Chronicled

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"My Cat, Ice, had struggled for years with stomatitis, bad gums and horrible breath. Dr. Fox recommended that his teeth be removed. While a little nervous about this procedure, I felt confident in Dr. Fox's expertise. The procedure went very well and Ice's mouth is totally healed. Even without teeth, he eats dry food without a problem. Dr. Fox and The COVE staff are caring, diligent and very skilled. Thank you so much, Dr. Fox and staff!"

— Barrett Richardson



"Our furbaby stopped eating and after extensive trips to our vet, no reason could be found and we were referred to the The COVE. Purrcilla had a broken tooth with exposed roots which required extraction and a root canal. The COVE was wonderful to us! The team took outstanding care of our precious Purrcilla and us! Dr. Fox is an exceptional doctor and understands her patients and their parents extremely well."

— Robbie Trokel



"I rushed Cooper to this vet after my regular vet told me on the phone to take him to the emergency vet asap. A friend recommended this place to me over the emergency vet closest to our house. Cooper was in pain and the people at The COVE immediately took him back for an exam while I filled out the paperwork. Unfortunately, our boy had tumors and internal bleeding from a ruptured spleen. The vet gave us all the medical details and her recommendation. On the worst day of our life, everyone at The COVE was compassionate and caring as we made the decision to help Cooper pass to the Rainbow Bridge. They made him comfortable as I waited with him for the rest of the family to arrive to say our goodbyes. We were there for several hours. The day is kind of a blur, but I would definitely recommend this vet, and I will come back for any other emergency care for our pets. We opted for a cremation so a couple of days later we returned for his remains. Nansemond Crematory made plaster paw prints and our boy's ashes were in a beautiful wooden box with his name on it. The COVE even sent a sympathy card that all the employees signed."

— Jennifer Sowers



"They were very helpful from the phone call I made when Koda my new puppy took a nasty spill to the actual visit itself! The receptionists Nicole and Lindsey, I believe their names were, were very supportive and helpful. The docs and the nurses here are amazing and I'm so happy they got us in and out, and our puppy is all better! Best emergency vet around!!!

— Devon Kay



"My cat Boomer was referred to The COVE because he needed teeth removed but did not do well under anesthesia with his primary veterinarian due to heart issues. We had our first appointment this week and it was amazing! Boomer needed to see Dr. Small and Dr. Fox and we were able to get back to back appointments to make the visit easier on Boomer, which I greatly appreciated. There was not a long wait time when we got there and checked in. The thing that impressed me the most was the knowledge that the veterinarians give to their vet technicians - you can tell the veterinarians enjoy teaching them and are confident in their skills. Once I learned from our primary veterinarian that Boomer has heart disease I was constantly Googling and working myself up over his health, but after talking to Dr. Small I feel so much more relaxed about Boomer's condition. Both Dr. Small and Dr. Fox made me feel very confident that Boomer can safely undergo anesthesia to get his teeth removed. I would definitely recommend The COVE and look forward to Boomer's upcoming appointment so he can feel better! Thank you!"

— Jaime S.



"We were referred by our long time vet for our sweet girl's heart problem. I could not be happier with the care we have received. I love the team at The COVE. They are very informative and really care about their patients and owners. It is not unusual for them to follow up several times, checking in to make sure things are okay, and if we have any further questions. We are so fortunate to live nearby and have access to this top notch facility!  Thank you :) Roxy's Mom"

— Miranda R.




"The staff at The Cove gets all my votes hands down. My Chihuahua Sasha was very sick when I brought her in late at night. They treated her and myself with the upmost care. Very friendly and caring. They treated her and gave her meds to sustain her untill we got to my regular vet. A+++++ guys!"

— Lanza Williams



"We brought our dog in to The COVE one night for emergency services. We called ahead and he was brought back to a room immediately by Sarah, who took great care of him for the duration of his visit. Our dog was given a thorough exam and the vet treated him on an outpatient basis. 

The next day his conditioned changed to include new symptoms that were not present the night before so we brought him back to The COVE. Because this visit was within 24 hours of the last, the fee for another exam was waived. Sarah, who had cared for our dog the night before, had recognized our dog as he was being triaged for the second time. Sarah came out to see us in the waiting and exam rooms throughout the visit and kept us updated on how he was doing. The staff obtained our consent prior to performing any tests/procedures and provided a clear and detailed estimate for the expense of the visit as well as additional overnight care if we felt that was necessary. Our vet (Dr. Thomas) took her time explaining our dog's diagnosis, prognosis, and all available treatment options. Because of the patient/pet owner education Dr. Thomas provided us, we felt confident in treating our dog at home.

I would absolutely return to The COVE to care for any of our pets and recommend their services to anyone for routine or emergency veterinary care!!"

— Kelsey P.



"It's 11pm Sunday night and I am going to bed. Bruno had NOT been acting himself for several hours. I noticed blood on the throw and immediately checked Bruno out. YIKES ! A 3" gash on his chest! I immediately hit the Internet to find an emergency vet. The COVE was perfect as I live in Suffolk. Thank you for the great care and compassion you showed Bruno!"

— John Godwin



"I just wanted to reach out and thank you all for the beautiful poem and messages you sent my family! It meant a lot to us, especially since you guys only saw our Lulu once. I can tell you that should we ever need an ER vet again The COVE will be the first place we come! I will also continue to recommend this amazing place to anyone I know who needs an ER vet. Thank you again!"

— Carla Reynolds