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Care, Comfort, and Compassion - Chronicled

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"We had the most wonderful experience when we had to bring out Ben in for an unknown virus and high fever. Ben is not a fan of vets but oddly enough he did great at The COVE. They were genuine and kind and incredibly informative. Ben had to spend the night for treatment but I was very confident leaving him there. The staff was very professional and I was very impressed with the entire experience. It stinks when your pet is sick, especially at 11 pm. I highly recommend The COVE should the need arise! Thank you for taking such good care of our Ben."

Tina Pavin Pittman



“Every time I have had to bring in my dogs the staff has always been very kind and very efficient. They take very good care of both of my pets. The last visit they even trimmed Baz's nails for me because he's a lot to handle. That little extra care goes a long way and I really appreciated it. The doctor was also very informative and suggested a new medication to speak to his regular vet about to help with his allergies. I am always very impressed with the service when we have to come in. Thank you all so very much!”

- Rose Grady



"A while back I brought one of my Catch and Release cats to your establishment for treatment.....massive teeth removal!!!!! I really did not think she was going to live....she had lost so much weight and was lethargic....Dr. Fox and her team turned that babies life completely around!!!!!!...Today ..Orange is in excellent health and probably will have to go on a diet one day. I just want everyone to know how much I appreciate all the wonderful care that was given to her....and the kindness that was given to me....I would come sometimes at 3 am to pick up meds...and everyone knew me!!!! So I want to mention a few names and I hope I didn't miss anyone...Dr Fox, Megan, Kelly, Kelsie, and Heather.....and anyone else I had the honor to meet!!!! Thank you so very much for kindness and professionalism and most of all the "caring from the heart" while helping one of mine....God bless all of you for choosing the profession you are in!!!!! I cannot thank you enough...(that's from Orange)"

— Stephanie Facenda



"I brought my 1-year-old lab in after suffering a heat stroke. As usual, everyone at The COVE from the front office to back was amazing, you always make me feel at ease when I admittedly am such a nervous dog Mama. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my urgent care dog needs - thanks again for all your care, support and expertise. Russell is doing well, the peace of mind you provided allowed me to get a good nights sleep!"

— Gail Marie Paige Temple



“Dr. Stallings was personable and informative. I had a clear understanding of my dog's condition and the recommendations. I'm sure he was very busy that day, but I felt like he spent an adequate amount of time with me and I did not feel rushed. Brandi was also helpful, pleasant, and knowledgeable.” 

— Lorraine Thompson



"I only have good things to say. Your place looks really good, and very clean inside...honestly, I think it's the nicest veterinary office I've ever been to. I thought the staff was great, at least the ones I met. Kelsey and Danielle were both friendly and seemed very knowledgeable, and took the time to answer all our ridiculous questions. Link went to Kelsey for protection during his exam so I think he has a new girlfriend. I was really impressed with Dr. Fox, she was very nice and patient with us, and laid out a plan for Link that was very clear and concise. Maybe it sounds dumb, but I love this cat more than anything. We had a bad experience with our last cat, the last time he was under anesthesia for dental work. I'm just really scared for Link to go through the surgery, and I know there's no guarantees and sometimes things happen you can't control and aren't your fault, but Dr. Fox made me feel he's pretty safe with you guys and in good hands. I know you will take care of him the best that you can, and I really couldn't ask for more. Whatever happens, you made me feel much more comfortable than I did - like we've got him at the best place, with the most qualified people.

I don't really care about the money. I researched your place before we came and read any reviews I could find. Some of the few complaints were about the expense. I expect medical treatment, especially at an emergency clinic, to be somewhat expensive unless your pet has health insurance. The exact same treatment for a human with no insurance would cost a lot more. I know it's tough living paycheck to paycheck, but if I couldn't afford this for him I would try to beg and borrow from my family, I would take out a loan, open a credit card, refinance my house...anything short of stealing. I would exhaust every option I could think of and then find a way to make it work by sacrificing something else. I don't think what you charge or asking for the deposit up front is unreasonable. Anyway, sorry for writing you a novel. Without even having the procedure done yet, I can say that I think you run a good practice and I'm very grateful that you are here. I can't thank you enough."

— Chris Picano



"Our 12-year-old Labrador mix was referred to Dr. Stallings for a mass around her front left leg. The staff was very courteous, professional and caring. They were very thorough in examining her and making recommendations as far as treatment. They removed the very large mass and kept us informed throughout the procedure. I would highly recommend The COVE to anyone who has an animal needing specialized care."

— Darline Jeneary Kozich 



"I would like to take a moment to thank the staff and reception for their acts of kindness to my daughter and myself when we had to make the toughest decision of our life to let our sweet Lyla cross the RainbowBridge. She was hospitalized for 4 days at The COVE. I can't thank Dr. Small enough for trying to save our baby. She could no longer breathe on her own without oxygen. Everything was handled in a kind respectful manner and we were able to hold our baby until she took her last breath. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Fly free, my sweet angel. No more suffering."

— Judy and Cindy Latherow



"Gracie (short haired mini dachshund) came in to see y'all with a complete loss neurological response in her back legs. I was almost certain she had done herself in, but that night we decided she was owed that chance. Here she is quite a few weeks later, completely functional! If we had seen any other Vet and staff she may not have still been here. So thank you. Thank you for helping save our sweet girl. <3 our tiny humans thank you too."

— Christa Cox



"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. DeFalco and the Staff at The COVE for the treatment and care of our cat, Rose, today, he was a member of our family for 12 wonderful years. We would like to thank you all for giving him the care and letting him die with the dignity he deserved. Thank you."

— Randy Moore and Doug Dundalow