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Care, Comfort, and Compassion - Chronicled

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Super Little 

“I called to see if I could have my puppy’s paw checked. The receptionist told me to bring him in right away. Everyone was warm and welcoming. Dr. Collinsworth checked my puppy and thoroughly explained his condition. She was very detailed in how to treat it and what medicines he would need.”

 -  Toni Shannon 



“The entire team, receptionists, vet tech, and doctor were wonderful. The care they showed Tippy was great. Everything was explained thoroughly and I am very pleased that we came to The Cove. Thank you all for your excellent work and compassion.”

- Evelyn Hengeveld



"Thank you, everyone at the COVE! Your loving care for our Mickey was a comfort to me during this traumatic time. He is home resting, as comfortable as possible, and he is getting his momma’s loving care. You all did a fantastic job of keeping us informed of his progress. We can’t thank you enough!"

- Susan & Maryland Harrell



“I was devastated when my dog, Dylan, developed uncontrolled oral bleeding after the 11th hour on July 27, 2017. So many friends have given such positive feedback about The Cove, so I ventured there - my angel in hand. The entire staff - in particular, Emily Melick and Dr. Melissa Krause - welcomed us and commenced medical measures to stop the bleeding, suture and glue the gingiva, and help to restore my precious pet to somewhat "normal." Although we might be "another case" to The Cove, we feel The Cove is a special place, with dedicated people, performing life-saving procedures on furbabies we love like children. Thank you for your excellent care!”

- Beverly Turner



“We were referred to The COVE by Banfield. The doctor was very caring and honest with us about what she thought would be the best possible care for our dog.”

Gary and Dakita Bullock



Had a walk-in appointment for my dog who has a case of kennel cough. At the front desk, Jenny did an outstanding job getting us checked in and ready for the visit. We were promptly seen by Dr. Jones who quickly made the diagnosis and prescribe appropriate medications. I couldn't be happier with the care my Boxer received at the Cove.

- Harry Evin 



"We had the most wonderful experience when we had to bring out Ben in for an unknown virus and high fever. Ben is not a fan of vets but oddly enough he did great at The COVE. They were genuine and kind and incredibly informative. Ben had to spend the night for treatment but I was very confident leaving him there. The staff was very professional and I was very impressed with the entire experience. It stinks when your pet is sick, especially at 11 pm. I highly recommend The COVE should the need arise! Thank you for taking such good care of our Ben."

Tina Pavin Pittman



“Every time I have had to bring in my dogs the staff has always been very kind and very efficient. They take very good care of both of my pets. The last visit they even trimmed Baz's nails for me because he's a lot to handle. That little extra care goes a long way and I really appreciated it. The doctor was also very informative and suggested a new medication to speak to his regular vet about to help with his allergies. I am always very impressed with the service when we have to come in. Thank you all so very much!”

- Rose Grady



"A while back I brought one of my Catch and Release cats to your establishment for treatment.....massive teeth removal!!!!! I really did not think she was going to live....she had lost so much weight and was lethargic....Dr. Fox and her team turned that babies life completely around!!!!!!...Today ..Orange is in excellent health and probably will have to go on a diet one day. I just want everyone to know how much I appreciate all the wonderful care that was given to her....and the kindness that was given to me....I would come sometimes at 3 am to pick up meds...and everyone knew me!!!! So I want to mention a few names and I hope I didn't miss anyone...Dr Fox, Megan, Kelly, Kelsie, and Heather.....and anyone else I had the honor to meet!!!! Thank you so very much for kindness and professionalism and most of all the "caring from the heart" while helping one of mine....God bless all of you for choosing the profession you are in!!!!! I cannot thank you enough...(that's from Orange)"

— Stephanie Facenda



"I brought my 1-year-old lab in after suffering a heat stroke. As usual, everyone at The COVE from the front office to back was amazing, you always make me feel at ease when I admittedly am such a nervous dog Mama. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my urgent care dog needs - thanks again for all your care, support and expertise. Russell is doing well, the peace of mind you provided allowed me to get a good nights sleep!"

— Gail Marie Paige Temple