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Thank You Zeppo – And All Of Our Clients

Oct 03, 2016


We received a heartwarming letter in the mail a couple of weeks ago that we would like to share with you. To give you a bit of background, the Peters family had a beautiful German shepherd mix Zeppo, which we had the honor of caring for during his hospitalization at The COVE. Zeppo was handsome, sweet, and the perfect patient. When he was discharged, he continued to receive hospice care at home. Sadly, he passed away twelve days later on August 6, 2016. We miss him and our deepest condolences are with the Peters family.

We were so touched when the family sent a letter to our criticalist, Dr. Shelley Smith, and the team for caring for Zeppo. Although we were the ones who received a thank you letter, it’s really our clients we’d like to thank. You entrust us with caring for your beloved pets. It’s your trust in The COVE that allows us meet and care for amazing animals like Zeppo. Thank YOU to the Peters family and to all of our clients.    

Featured Testimonial: Zeppo

Peters-Letter-TheCOVE-1.png"Dear Dr. Smith,Our big guy, Zeppo, passed away on August 6, 2016. It was a beautiful morning with a blue sky, white puffy clouds, and a light breeze. Under the shade of a tree with his family around him, God took him into his arms and carried him home. It has been a difficult adjustment for our family, and the reason for the delay in writing you this letter.Words cannot adequately describe how thankful and grateful we are for you, the other doctors, the technicians, and staff at The COVE. The professionalism, compassion, and care everyone gave to both Zeppo and our family was phenomenal. The friendly voices and smiles from the ladies upfront helped ease our stress. Our phone calls at all hours were answered with reassuring voices that gave us the information we needed. Our visits twice a day in a comfortable private room helped Zeppo know his family was there to support and love him. It allowed us to encourage him to eat and get well so he could come home. Updates on his progress and answers to our questions were always given and welcomed at every visit.

Although the final outcome was not what we had all hoped for, the expert care that Zeppo received from you and all the doctors and technicians helped our big guy to come home. His at home care was extensive but helped us to greater appreciate the dedication that each of you gives every day to so many in need. The twelve days we spent together at home were a gift that could not have been possible with you. We will be forever grateful and thankful that all of you were there when we needed you the most.

God bless,

Brenda, Chris, Ben, and Alex Peters”

Remembering Zeppo

Dr. Shelley Smith, Dip ACVECC
My strongest memory of Zeppo was honestly the palpable love I felt watching the Peters visiting with their little man. They would put out a blanket for Zeppo and lay right beside hi - cherishing his company. The room was always so peaceful and he would relax and nap. Not much needs to be said; he felt their love and devotion.

Tawny H.,LVT
I just remember Zeppo being such an awesome dog. He had this cute way of walking over to us when it was time to take him from the room after visiting with his owners like he was saying ok I guess I'll go with my girlfriends. He would do anything to just get out of the kennel. But my favorite was when his owners sat and told me the story of how they got Zeppo. He found them. The boys kept seeing a stray dog running around when they were riding the bus. Zeppo would followed them home and  then run off. The boys kept telling their parents they wanted him so one day she went out with a leash to look for him and there he was. She brought him home for the kids and he never left. It was sweet how they all told their story. He was truly a loved boy!

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