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August 15 is Check the Chip Day

Aug 15, 2016

Microchips are lifesavers. Unless we can keep our pets by our side all day, every day, there will always be a chance your pet can get lost. The American Veterinary Medical Association reports that 1 in 3 family pets get lost, and a microchipped pet has a far greater chance of being returned to their owners. If you’re like us, you’ve probably watched your fair share of pet videos on the Internet. We are always so moved when we see those emotional videos of pets being reunited with their owners, even after several years. In most cases, the pets could be reunited because they were microchipped and that microchip was registered. 

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) created “Check the Chip Day” to remind pet owners to microchip their pets and to keep microchip registration information up-to-date.

If your pet is NOT microchipped…

If you are a pet owner and your pet is not microchipped, contact your family veterinarian. A small chip, about the size of a grain of rice, is injected under your pet’s skin. The process is affordable, quick, and simple. 

Make sure to register your microchip with your contact information immediately. Instructions on how to register will be provided to you at your visit.

Important! A microchip is not a GPS tracker. It cannot track the location of your pet. It is an electronic chip that is given a unique number. When it’s scanned, the unique number appears on the screen. A veterinarian or animal shelter can then look up the number on a database to pull up the contact information submitted at registration. 

Check out AVMA’s Microchipping of Animals FAQ article to learn more.

If your pet IS microchipped, but NOT registered…

You can register and/or update the microchip at any time. First you will need your pet’s microchip number and manufacturer. This should have been given to you with your registration instructions. If your pet was microchipped by your family veterinarian, give them a call if necessary to see if they have the number on file. If not, you may take your dog to a veterinarian or a local shelter to have them scan the microchip. If you have an upcoming visit scheduled at The COVE, we can also scan your pet during the visit. 

If you don’t remember the manufacturer of the microchip, you can look up the microchip number on AAHA’s Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool. This database links to a majority of the manufacturers’ registries. Simply type in your pet’s microchip number to pull up the manufacturer. From there, you can complete registration at the manufacturer’s website.

If your pet IS microchipped AND registered… 

Log into your registration account to make sure all of the information is correct and current, especially if you’ve moved, changed phone numbers, or switched veterinarians. 

If your registration includes an option to upload a photo, this is a great time to replace your pet’s old picture with a recent one.

Save a pet’s life. Spread the word.

We hope the information and resource links provided in this post will educate more pet owners about the importance of microchipping and registering. Check the Chip Day is celebrated on August 15, but any time there is an opportunity to remind fellow pet owners to ‘check the chip’ helps more pets return to their waiting families. 


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