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Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

Jun 17, 2016


Late spring and summer are known as “kitten season” due to the thousands of kittens that are born during this time each year. Sadly, most of these little kitties are homeless and will enter animal shelters across the nation – shelters that are already crowded with animals. During this time, shelters are often struggling to adopt out pets to make room for the new kittens. Furthermore, newborn kittens have an extremely weak immune system and need around-the-clock care in a kitten nursery until they are ready to be adopted.

Adopt A Shelter Cat Month is recognized each June to raise awareness and promote adoption for the shelter cats waiting for a furrever home. 

Want to help shelter cats? Here are 5 ways you can get involved. 


Thinking of adding a furry friend to your family? This is the perfect time to adopt a new kitten or adult cat. If you plan on adopting a young kitten, consider adopting two at the same time. Kittens in pairs can keep each other company and eliminate boredom, which can lead to less behavioral problems. Plus, you get to save two lives instead of one! 


Reach out to your local animal shelter to ask how you can support the organization. Many shelters are looking for volunteers to help with socializing pets, kennel care, administrative, outreach events, etc. Having ready and able volunteers can make a world of difference for a shelter with limited resources.


Ask your local animal shelter if they have specific material needs like food, blankets, towels, etc. Organize an event with friends to collect those items. You can also organize a fundraising event by doing a fun 5K walk, bake sale, garage sale, etc. Check out Pinterest for some great ideas. 


Make a financial donation to your local animal shelter. Most shelters are in need of financial assistance to purchase necessary items like food and beds, but also to provide medical care for sick or injured animals. Consider donating $5, $20, even $50 or more to a shelter or rescue. 


Spread awareness among your friends and family about Adopt A Shelter Cat Month. Educate others on how summer time brings in an influx of homeless animals that need a home.

An easy way to do this is to donate your Facebook status. offers an example of what to write: 

“June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month. Save a life: Adopt a cat!

If you want to personalize your status, you can replace the link to the adoption page of your local shelter or favorite rescue group’s website. 


  • Check out this video to learn about all the work that goes into a kitten nursery. 

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