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5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe on July 4th

Jun 30, 2016


The Fourth of July is a day of celebration and festivities. And while we might ooh and ahh over fireworks, it’s a completely different experience for animals. Fireworks are frightening and disorienting to pets, and can cause them to react out of fear. More pets get lost on July 4th than any other day of the year. Animal shelters record high numbers of lost pets from July 4-6. Veterinarians also receive more visits to treat pets that have gotten injured from trying to “flee” the fireworks. 

Here are five ways to keep your pets safe through the Fourth of July weekend. 

  1. Keep your pet indoors.

    Move your pet indoors with the windows and doors closed. Simply keeping your dog or cat inside will minimize the risk of them running away. Create a safe place inside your home where your pet can go. This can be their kennel/crate or a room. Put their favorite toys, bed, blanket, etc. in their safe place with access to food and water nearby. If your pet prefers to hide in their safe place, do not try to force them out.

  2. dog-with-toy.jpg

    Distract your pet with fun.

    Cover all windows so that your pet can’t see the bright lights of the fireworks. Distract your pet from the loud sounds by turning on the TV or radio. Keep them occupied with fun distractions like their favorite toy or playtime with you.

  3. Use calming aids.

    There are many calming aids like the Thundershirt, Anxiety Wrap, calming chews, and even medications. Consult with your veterinarian before giving your pet any supplements or medications.
  4. Update ID tags.

    Check your pet’s ID tag to see if it needs to be updated. Additionally, keep ID tags on collars throughout the weekend in case your pet ends up lost. If you pet is currently not microchipped, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to get this simple procedure done. If your pet is microchipped, confirm that your microchip number is registered and updated with your contact information. Properly ID’ed pets have a greater chance of being returned to their owners.
  5. cat-with-owner.jpg

    Celebrate at home.

    Skip the firework show and stay at home to be with your pet. If you plan on celebrating at home, remind guests to keep all doors closed and all human food away from your pet. You may want to consider keeping your pet in their safe place during the duration of your party. Never take your pet to a fireworks display. This does not desensitize them and will only heighten their fear. 

If your pet runs away…

Even with all the careful measures we put in place, accidents can happen. If your pet runs away, check your local animal shelter to see if they’ve found your furry friend. Pets can end up running away miles away so visit shelters that are located in neighboring cities and counties. Many shelters update their website with the lost animals they’ve received so check the shelters’ websites frequently. Also read Petfinder’s article on what you can do if you lose your pet for more tips.

We hope these tips help you prepare for the holiday weekend. And as a reminder, should your pets become ill or injured on July 4th, The COVE is open 24/7 for emergencies. Feel free to call us at 757-935-9111 so that we can be prepared for your arrival and be notified if you need assistance bringing your pet inside.


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