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Knees are expensive, Shrimpy.

Aug 28, 2015

We love hearing from our clients. Whether it’s feedback shared in-person, reviews left on Yelp, or testimonials shared to our Facebook Page, we love hearing about how our previous patients are doing!

We’d like to share a testimonial from a client about her dog, Shrimpy. Last year Shrimpy came to The COVE to receive treatment for a ruptured cranial cruciate ligament. Now a year later, Shrimpy’s owner, Chrystal, left a heartwarming message of thanks on our Facebook page along with an update on how Shrimpy is doing. Read her testimonial below. We hope it brings a little extra cheer to your day!

Feature Testimonial: ShrimpyShrimpy.jpg

“It's been a year since Shrimpy burst her CCL. Against the horrible odds, she hasn't burst the other knee (yet...hopefully never, but I don't want to jinx it). A little grayer around her muzzle is the only outward sign she shows from the ordeal.

I might yell across the house (often), "knees are expensive!" when I think rough housing is getting a bit too rough, but there's no way possible we could be where we are today with her recovery without the help of Dr. Stallings and the amazing staff at the COVE.

She's back to her normal self. She hasn't lost her love to swim, play and run in the yard. But, most importantly to her, she can follow me wherever I go.”

- Chrystal Trapani, July 2015 via Facebook

Thank you, Chrystal, for sharing this awesome update on Shrimpy. We wish you and Shrimpy the best. 

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Receiving testimonials like Chrystal’s brings a smile to our team and continues to strengthen our commitment. 

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